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PriorAuth Online is The Ultimate Guide to Online Prior Authorization

PriorAuth Online is the prior authorization company that has excelled in executing the basic and most important duty of revenue cycle management which is prior authorization, in the medical revenue recollection industry of the United States of America. Formed in the year 2007, it has pioneered digital prior authorization protocol in form of internet based functioning, thus giving online prior authorization a novel boost. We as a company deal with the various clients like nursing homes, pharmacies, oncology, dermatology, skilled nursing units, urgent care units, DMEs and orthotics and prosthetics.

We offer our services with certain added advantages of work which are as follows

  • 100% HIPAA and HITECH
  • A comprehensive service range with request filing, follow up and acknowledgement
  • Turnaround time less than 48 hours
  • Low service fees with no hidden cost
  • Zero lock up service contract that can be cancelled at any time
  • Array of excellent client references across the states
  • Real time audits and custom reporting
  • Excellent visibility and proven expertise
  • Guaranteed reduction of operation cost
  • Prompt service with a consistent accuracy rate of 99.9%
  • Experience of serving major health care organizations
  • Expertise in pre-certification
  • Experience of adjudicating large claims
  •  Increase in current rate of completed requests

We follow a comprehensive prior auth process that has coordinating with the payer company to know the protocol of the auth filing, collecting the paper required for the same, submitting the request and following the receipt for the same followed by checking the status of the same with the payer, furnishing additional documents and finally updating the denial or approval status on the provider’s system. We provide end to end as well as standalone services to our clients with our accounts executives always ready to help every client query to the fullest. We also provide online prior authorization services in terms of information and process execution.  

Please visit our website to know more about our service profile. We are always at your service for a holistic betterment. 

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